Real estate agency.

Travel agency.

Two in one!

Buy a house from a squirrel or let it take you to exotic destinations you’ve always wanted to visit.



One of the most charming shopping windows I’ve ever seen. Really.


Massive reliquiae which demand solemn attention. My hood abounds with these. Remnants of some different social and political contexts. And remember to take a Bronhi on Saturdays. Makes it easier to breathe.

“Hence the detail which interests me is not, or at least is not strictly intentional, and probably must not be so; it occurs in the field of the photographed thing like a supplement that is at once inevitable and delightful; it does not necessarily attest to the photographer’s art; it says only that the photographer was there, or else, still more simply, that he could not not photograph the partial object at the same time as the total object (how could Kert├ęsz have ‘separated’ the dirt road from the violinist walking on it?).”

– Roland Barthes, Camera Lucida.

My neighbourhood, if you think of it as of one big photograph, is full of punctums. There are no studiums. It almost demands taking of photos that disobey the traditional formal rules of photography and mix up codes. Little details always turn out to be more important than the overall composition. Like the fly above the “p”.

Near my street there is a park. The temperature outside today was way above average for this time of year. I took a walk, constantly pointing my camera towards the sky. Then I sat on a bench, soaking up the February sun. Above grass, there were four tiny little insects that moved up and down, up and down, like little yo-yo toys. Like bouncy balls in slow motion, but in steady rhythm. Only up and down, in perfect vertical lines, not forwards or backwards or in circles. Like little spiders on a trampoline.

It was a beautiful, cold, sunny Sunday. My first walk in my queenhood with my camera. Plenty of inspiring motifs. It’s surprisingly quiet in these streets on Sundays.