“Hence the detail which interests me is not, or at least is not strictly intentional, and probably must not be so; it occurs in the field of the photographed thing like a supplement that is at once inevitable and delightful; it does not necessarily attest to the photographer’s art; it says only that the photographer was there, or else, still more simply, that he could not not photograph the partial object at the same time as the total object (how could Kertész have ‘separated’ the dirt road from the violinist walking on it?).”

– Roland Barthes, Camera Lucida.

My neighbourhood, if you think of it as of one big photograph, is full of punctums. There are no studiums. It almost demands taking of photos that disobey the traditional formal rules of photography and mix up codes. Little details always turn out to be more important than the overall composition. Like the fly above the “p”.