I’ve recently moved from the suburbs of Zagreb to the city centre. I am finally living on my own. Even though I can barely afford it, it makes me extremely happy. I remember standing infront of the building, waiting for the landlady  to come and hand me over the keys of my little flat, and suddenly having this epiphanic kind of thought: “This is my new neighbourhood”. Even though I passed these streets many times before, I now saw them in a completely new light. This will be my home now. These cracked pavements, these grafitti, these abandoned shop windows. I felt freedom. Everything suddenly looked beautiful and I felt like a tourist discovering the treasures of an exotic location. People were looking at me in puzzlement as I was peeking over every street corner with a big, excited smile on my face.

This was when I decided to document all this beautiful ugliness  of my new neighbourhood. These photos may not mean much to you, but to me, it’s an adventure of discovering all the charming little details of the dull streets I can now call mine.

Why “queenhood”? Simply because I live in a street dedicated to Jelena, a Croatian queen from the 10th century. I love this idea of living in a street dedicated to a queen. Queen in da hood.

Oh…and why a blog about my hood in a foreign language? Gives me a feeling of detachment, in writing, which on the other hand makes me dig deeper, in observing. Makes me feel even more like a tourist with a camera. In a good way, I mean.